Gigs 2021

September 11th Flow of Nature Festival @Traismauer, Austria

September 17th The Rocksteady Conspiracy & The Dandyfides @Fluc, Vienna, Austria

We´ve already got some dates fixed for 2022, so stay tuned!

Juni 22nd, 2021 by Georg Stögermayer

A Darling´s Kiss Videorelease

We are very happy to announce the „A Darling´s Kiss“ Videorelease for March12 this year!

You can click on this link: 

to get to the video.


März 2nd, 2021 by Georg Stögermayer


We are very looking forward to the upcoming release of our new single „Darling´s Kiss“!
Right before the first Lockdown in Austria we managed to record this Early Reggae style song together with former bandmemember and most appreciated sound engineer Florian Widhalm from Scope Audio who also did the mix and added dub fx. As a result of the Lockdown we couldn´t meet in person to finalize the vocals, so Fabian did them all on his own with his homerecording equipment.
In the meantime our bandmember Georg did a Dubversion of this song which is called „Darling´s Dub“. He did it all live on his mixer just with some few effects.
In December we were able to pre release „Darling´s Kiss“ and „Darling´s Dub“ as a limited issue of 50 pieces of blank 7 inch vinyl of which some are now still available at Reave Up Record Store and will soon be at . There are not many left!
On March 12 we will release „Darling´s Kiss“ officially on all digital plattforms but it was already featured on some Radioshows and Podcasts like Fm4´s Tribe Vibes/Reggaecorner.

Februar 17th, 2021 by Georg Stögermayer


Oktober 9th, 2018 by admin

I Would Say No/ Today (feat. Bee)

We are proud to release our new songs I Would Say No/ Today (feat. Bee) on 15th of September 2018.

Both songs will be available on various platforms like itunes, amazon, etc. but starting with October there will also be a limited number of vinyl 45s available for the price of 6€ each.

If you are interested in preordering one of these please send an email at


September 5th, 2018 by Georg Stögermayer

2018 Events & Concerts

Februar 6th, 2018 by Georg Stögermayer

2017 Events und Konzerte

Hier unsere Konzerte und Tips für die nächste Zeit:

05.01.17 – Vienna Rootikal -Venster99, Wien

07.01.17 – Boss Sounds Vienna feat. Soul Shakedown Sound (DE) – Club U, Wien

13.1.17 – The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – Festa Brasileira – Fania Live, Wien

14.1.17 – Dubcake Factory, Danny Ranks u.v.m. – Jazzclub 1019, Wien

21.1.17 – Dubquake#17 – Mungo´s HiFi – Simm City, Wien

28.1.17 – Sound of Soul – Rote Bar, Volkstheater, Wien

10.2.17 – The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – Club CHEKOV, Cottbus

24.2.17 – The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – KULTURzone Wörgl

10.3.17 Boss Sounds feat. Phillip Bush  – Club U, Wien

31.3.17 Ska Ball: live: Announced Revolution Dj Lineup: Reggae Pressure (Boss Sounds) & Conspirator (The Rocksteady Conspiracy) – Sub, Wr. Neustadt

8.4.17 The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – Jazzclub 1019, Wien

14.4.17 Run Come Dance – Polkadot, Wien[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22dashboard%22%2C%22mechanism%22%3A%22calendar_tab%22%7D]%7D

28.4. Boss Sounds: Toots&The Maytals Special – Cllub U, Wien

14.5. Toots & The Maytals live – Wuk, Wien

20.5. The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – Säge Gallei, Neunkirchen

17.8. The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – Altstadt Klangzeit Linz

8.9. The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – Kissomlyó, Ungarn

14.10. The Rocksteady Conspiracy/ Skatapult live – Jazzkeller, Krems

11.11. The Rocksteady Conspiracy/ Freemeyend live – Kramladen, Wien

1.12. The Rocksteady Conspiracy/The Steady Tones live – Jazzclub 1019, Wien



Dezember 23rd, 2016 by Georg Stögermayer

Konzerte und Empfehlungen 2016

Hier der Überblick über unsere Empfehlungen und Konzerte:

23.1.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy live @ Tabakfabrik, Passau

1.4.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – Skaball@Sub, Wr. Neustadt

2.4.2016 Boss Sounds feat. Soul Boys vs. Rude Boys @ Otto-Wagner Pavillon, Wien

14.4.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy – live @Tüwi, Wien

13.5.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy – live @ Import/Export, München

14.5.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy – t.b.a.

15.5.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy/ The Valkyrians live @ P.M.K., Innsbruck

19.5.2016 Doctor Barefoots Echo Chamber – Fluc, Wien

22.5.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy / The Toasters live @ Aera, Wien

28.5.2016 Treasure Isle @Fluc, Wien

3.6.2016 Run, Come, Dance @1er Haltestelle, Wien feat. Conspirator George

23.6.2016 Dr. Barefoots Echo Chamber #3 @Bach, Wien feat. Sisyphos, Reggae Broadcast

22.7.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy live@ Busch ´n Jam, Zogelsdorf 

20.8.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy live@ Reggae In The Woods, Gars am Kamp 

27.8.2016 Treasure Isle @Fluc, Wien

3.9.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy/ Danny Ranks live @ Kramladen, Wien

7.10.2016 Boss Sounds ( mit u.a. Blanko Nero u. Conspirator) @ Otto Wagner Pavillon, Wien

18.11.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy/ The Steady Tones live @ Jazzclub 1019, Wien

FB Link:

19.11.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy/ The Steady Tones live @ Silo 1, Töging am Inn

FB Link:

25.11.2016 Boss Sounds feat. Brian Kelson @ Club U, Wien

26.11.2016 Treasure Isle @ Fluc, Wien

26.11.2016 Brain Drain live@ WUK, Wien

2.12.2016 Vienna Rootikal, Venster, Wien

8.12.2016 Rise Again, Reggae, Hip Hop, Jungle @Jazzclub 1019, Wien

10.12.2016 Run, Come, Dance @Futuregarden, Wien

21.12.2016 Live: Wise Monkey Record Release Party@ Chelsea, Wien


Für mehr Info schaut auf unserer FB Seite vorbei:

Februar 11th, 2016 by Georg Stögermayer

News Update

Wir sind wieder fleißig am basteln und gerade in der Vorproduktionsphase für 2 neue Songs, die wir 2016 releasen werden.

Außerdem stehen wieder einige Termine/ Empfehlungen an:


11.12.2015 The Offenders @ Bach, Wien

19.12.2015 The Rocksteady Conspiracy / Skatapult live @ Jazzkeller, Krems

9.1.2016 Boss Sounds @ Otto Wagner Pavillon, Wien

21.1.2016 Dr. Barefoots Echo Chamber – live Barefoot Basement

23.1.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy live @ Tabakfabrik, Passau

1.4.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy live – Skaball@Sub, Wr. Neustadt

21.4.2016 Dr. Barefoots Echo Chamber – live: Brain Drain

15.5.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy/ The Valkyrians live @ P.M.K., Innsbruck

22.5.2016 The Rocksteady Conspiracy / The Toasters live @ Aera, Wien

Für mehr Info schaut auf unserer FB Seite vorbei:

Dezember 9th, 2015 by Georg Stögermayer

Konzerte und Empfehlungen September, Oktober, November, Dezember 2015

Hier unsere nächsten Daten und einige Empfehlungen.



17.9.15 BUBBLE TIME : The Rocksteady Conspiracy  / Aera, Wien / Start: 20:00 / Tickets: 10€

30.9.15  Boku-Fest: The Rocksteady Conspiracy Djs: Conspirator George, u.v.m/ Start: 19:00

10.10.15 BENEFIZ FÜR FLÜCHTLINGE:  The Rocksteady Conspiracy, Brain Drain, u.v.m / WUK/ Stattbeisl, Wien / Start: 18:00 

20.11.15 SKA BALL : w. The Rocksteady Conspiracy, Barefoot Basement Djs: Reggae Pressure, Conspirator George, u.v.m. /SUB, Wr. Neustadt/ Start: 22:00

19.12.15 Skanking Ska Night: The Rocksteady Conspiracy , Skatapult / Jazzkeller Krems/ Start: 20:00


27.10.15 Dub Talks 19, AU, Wien

30.10.15 Style Break Special, Loop, Wien feat. Barefoot Basement meets Tombo

03.11.15 Die lange Nacht der Surf Music, Rhiz, Wien mit Love Surf Music live

21.11.15 Buster Shuffle (uk)/ Wise Monkey (aut) Das Bach, Wien

27.11.15 Boss Sounds Vol. XIII by Skanking Night, Club U, Wien

DJ LineUp:
+ Reggae Pressure
+ Ander (The Early Tones, Rocksteady Conspiracy)
+ Maria
+ Guest











September 16th, 2015 by Georg Stögermayer